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GTP Electrical


BCP Busarello + Cott + Partner AG was founded in 1988 in Switzerland and is specialized in the field of power systems engineering. BCP is the developer and owner of the power system analysis tool NEPLAN and is one of the leading companies in the power system engineering software market. BCP is member of the international NEPLAN®-Consulting group, which has successfully carried out more than 2000 power system studies and consultancy work with NEPLAN®. NEPLAN® is a high-end power system analysis tool for applications in transmission, distribution, generation, industrial, renewable energy systems, Smart Grid application and is used in more than 90 countries. NEPLAN® is not only availablefor electrical networks, but offers state-of-the art analysis methods for gas, water and district heating as well.

NEPLAN Versions

NEPLAN 360 is the first fully browser based power system analysis tool on the market and offers therefore all advantages of cloud computing. The software does not need to be installed on a specific desktop computer or notebook, but is accessible everywhere through Internet. As a result new licensing models are available for the users.

Salient Features of Neplan:

 Load flow analysis
 Short circuit studies
 Motor starting analysis
 Capacitor placement
 Wind Modeling
 Reliability studies
 Stability analysis
 Optimal power flow
 Relay coordination


Elecworks™ is a powerful new generation software tool, which enables electrical designers and automation experts to create automation and electrical installation projects.Elecworks is a powerful new generation software tool, that enables electrical SEOers and automation experts to create automation and electrical installation projects. Through Windows standard interfaces, engineers can produce better installation SEOs and supporting documentation faster.

Main Functionalities:

1.Schematic SEO tool, draw multiple lines, insert symbols with an automatic break in the line.
2.Multi-standard symbol library.
3.Layout library, expert copy of sheets and projects.
4.Automatic generation of terminal strips and their management.
5.Management of I/O and PLCs management.

Salient Features of Elecworks:

 Complete panel modeling
 Project planning
 PLC modeling
 Interface with ERP, Excel, pdf etc.,
 Automatic generation of terminal strips.
 Complete design tool for line diagrams.

Bluesol PV

BlueSol Design 2013 is a professional tool for the Design of photovoltaic systems. BlueSol Design is proposed as a product for professionals looking for a simple and comprehensive way to solve their Design problems. BlueSol Design simplifies the Design of photovoltaic plants connected to the grid, assisting the user in all stages of Design, starting with the dimensioning of the system to get to the realization of the documentation. BlueSol Design supports the Design and optimization, both technical and financial, of every type of photovoltaic system. Numerous wizards enable rapid development of the project: pre-dimensioning of the system. definition of the cables. dimensioning of the electrical components. positioning of the modules. arrangement of the cables. BlueSol Design simulates, via software, the behavior of the PV system in all its components. The schematic representation allows the Designer to have a precise view of the operation. This data is intended to help the effectiveness of maintenance workers, the quality of management decisions and the verification of regulatory compliance.

Main Features

*.Model the PV system scheme
*.Panels, cables and electrical components
*.Integrated CAD System
*.Production of project documentation
*.Economic evaluation

Salient Features of Bluesol

 Covers complete design of solar PV system.
 ON/OFF Grid analysis
 Return on investment
analysis. (ROI)  Detailed Project Report Preparation
 NASA-SSE worldwide irradiances.
 Electrical scheme
 3D Modeling.
 Report generation and many…..